How to Celebrate Your Moments Now

When I first started working as an emcee for weddings and events, I would often see many couples and their anxious family members running around setting up the venue, arranging the flowers, placing the chair covers, you name it! I also overheard grooms saying things such as “I can’t wait to get it done!” or “Finally it’s over!” They were exhausted and stressed from all the planning, and execution on the big day. 

These experiences led me to begin thinking about the ways in which I could be of more assistance to my clients on their wedding day. I expanded my services and set a goal of starting my own wedding planning firm so I could help couples and their loved ones actually enjoy these milestone events. Finally, I made the bold move to quit my day job and devote myself to running my new venture and to celebrating my clients’ moments now!

Here are some reasons that you should Celebrate your Moments Now:

1. Time never comes back

Please do not simply bide your time or rush through wishing for it to just “be over”. Cherish every moment in your planning process. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

2. Time goes by quickly

It only takes a couple minutes to walk down the aisle or to make the grand entrance, perhaps 30 minutes for the ring ceremony, and four to five hours for the reception. When you consider additional  “day-of “ preparation, it all adds up to about 10-12 hours for the entire wedding day. Don’t wait until the wedding day to celebrate it! Enjoy the time spent planning with your fiance, your family and friends, and your vendors. There will be many “ah-ha” moments and chances to learn something new. The wedding day itself goes by really quickly, so celebrate the process – the journey – with your fellow team members.

3. Pleasant vs. unpleasant moments

Planning a wedding should be fun and exciting, however, sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with love, ideas, and suggestions from your loved ones. You may bump heads with your bridesmaids, siblings, or parent-in-law. These conflicts come and go. Cherish the pleasant moments, but also be grateful for the unpleasant moments because they provide a chance to learn more about this person and yourself. When a conflict arises try to keep an open mind, embrace the opportunity, then solve the difficulties with gratitude. (Should we give the examples for this like different ideas with the mother, sister, etc.)

4. Practice positivity and stay upbeat

 Summer is supposed to be hot, winter is supposed to be cold, and rain can happen in any season. In some Asian countries, it is believed that rain on the wedding day is a good sign because it means blessings are pouring in. To other people it is not lucky, but the question is: can you change mother nature? No one can, so it is best to be prepared. Always have a plan B, C, D for working through unexpected circumstances. When it comes to the spirit and energy of the event in the face of unwelcome surprises, you as the owner of the event or wedding are the one who can set a tone of positivity and joy. If you have a planner, they will handle these incidents professionally to ensure you enjoy every moment of your day. If you do not have a planner, choose a positive person to be your point of contact so they can help you out if something goes awry.

5. It is a practice and it does not happen overnight

You might or might not plan a wedding. Or maybe your wedding is a ways down the road. But as a guest attending an event, you can practice celebrating the moments now. Bring the positive vibes when you are present with the couple. If you are a bridesmaid or groomsmen, your willingness to offer solutions and remain cheerful will be appreciated by the couple. As a family member, you can take the initiative to assist the couple if the opportunity arises.  But no matter how you are involved, your goal is to help the couple to celebrate their wedding and it is essential to bring a positive outlook on the day. By embracing this perspective at each event or wedding you attend, you will create the habit of celebrating every moment in life – both it ,s pleasant and not-so-pleasant moments.

The wedding comes and goes. May their love forever grow.

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